How to Care for Your Indian Suit to Maintain Its Beauty?

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As much as the same sort of clothing often requires different cleaning methods, every type of fabric is cleaned differently. Indian suits can be made with accessories such as with silk, cotton, georgette, chiffon, and other fabrics of the like. Indian 3 piece suit require a delicate hand when being washed to avoid shrinkage since most are made from natural materials; this helps in making the suit as vibrant as possible for as long as possible.

The right way of washing them In general, washing by hands is the most appropriate way to wash Indian suits, but if the fabrics are delicate then hand washing is advisable. This is because detergents have a bleaching effect and hot water causes the fabric to shrink and loses its original color. Should the suit be washed by machine, the best command is to put it in the washing machine on a delicate setting and gently wash over a laundry bag.

Dry Cleaning: 

After and Why: Usually, frequently used apparel accessories, such as those with heavy embroidery or silk, are best washed by dry cleaning. This is wishful thinking: professional cleaners have a set of tools and a great deal of experience dealing with delicate inventory. Make sure you select a good cleaner who knows what to do with the intricate designs of Indian wear.

Make others iron the shirt Have your Indian suit dry cleaned and follow these wearing tips Avoid wringing out your suit because it can give it a bad shape. Rather, wrap the suit in towels, gently squeezing out any water content present in the garment, and spread the suit on another clean towel. Ring out the excess water with the towel then fold the suit to dry in a fresh place preferably out of the sun since it brings discoloration to brighter colors.

Ironing and Steaming Tips:

When ironing, one should do it on the other side of the clothes so as not to shock or damage beads or any sort of decorations. When working with easily damaged fabrics then make sure you are using low heat setting. On the other hand, steaming seems much safer because it removes wrinkles without the use of heat that may affect the quality of the suit’s texture and impede the fine features.

Indian Suit Care

Even if you have decided to keep your mehndi ceremony suit away for some time, it is not advisable to just hang it in the wardrobe without proper care. The other important instruction is that it should be kept in a cool and dry place preferably out of direct sunlight. When storing your garments, it is advisable to use padded hangers to ensure that your garment retains its shape instead of having it in a plastic cover since this prevents air circulation and causes the development of mildew.

Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining

The Textiles Care for stains Stain the textiles as early as possible before the stains start setting in. Don’t scrub the fabric as that is only going to spread the stain, instead, use a clean cloth to blot the stain. Try to find the gentle soap or detergent or even a clarifying stain remover if the garment is made up of rather thin material.

Before Storing Your Suit:

There are several steps that you will need to take to ensure that it will be protected from moth and pest infestation. Hang your suit in wardrobe or in closet and place cedar blocks or lavender sachet nearby. It is also important to periodically inspect your storage space for pest infestations to ensure that your garments are safe and clean.

Washing Briefly:

Washing Period Air the suit lightly after every wear, this reduces smell penetration since the smell cannot penetrate beyond what you washed it with, this is recommended especially if you had to eat or drink while wearing the suit. Spray a fabric freshener on the suit lightly and then bring the suit to air. It can effectively maintain a fresh suit without having to wash it often, a fact that is beneficial due to washing’s adverse effects on the fabric.


There is much that one has to know about how to care for his/her Indian suit, including learning about the type of fabric used to make the suit, the appropriate ways of washing the suit, and when dry cleaning is necessary, as well as how to properly dry the suit. This is true because while ironing and steaming clothes, they should be done cautiously to avoid causing damage and to make the clothes remain appealing and in good shape, they should always be stored well. For instance, handle stains and some pests as soon as you notice them to avoid damaging your suit. If you want to keep your Indian 3 Piece Suit looking fabulous and avoiding its premature deterioration, then remember these tips to sustain its life and appearance.

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