Elevate Your Cooling Experience: Dawlance AC 15 Aura

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Air conditioners cool a space when the temperature rises over the designated level and heat it when the temperature drops below it. Rather than alternating between on and off, the motor in an inverter air conditioner changes speed to regulate temperature. Inverter air conditioners consume less energy and lose less power than non-inverter versions.

App for Dawlance AC 15 Aura

With the help of the sync app, Dawlance has developed a novel solution that allows you to remotely operate and monitor three different products—a microwave oven, refrigerator, and air conditioner—from any location. Both iOS and Android-based phones can be utilized with the appliances.

ECO in Dawlance AC

Manufacturers are always adding new features and modes to their air conditioners in an effort to make their customers more comfortable. You can select from a wide variety of modes available in the market today. One of these is the ECO, or Energy Saver mode!

ECO mode, to put it simply, consumes less energy than other settings. In other words, it lowers your electricity bill and your air conditioner’s energy use. However, how precisely does the ECO mode save electricity, and when is it appropriate to utilize it? – if you are pondering these questions, fret not!

How does the air conditioner’s ECO Mode operate?

Think of an air conditioner’s ECO mode as a temperature protector. This mode activates when you set a desired temperature, directing the AC unit toward that setting. Upon reaching a stable temperature, the device shuts off automatically. But fear not—it maintains a close watch!

It reactivates after around 10 minutes when the temperature starts to climb, indicating a fresh challenge. This feature reduces stress on your air conditioner and is a true lifesaver in hot climates. It keeps the temperature in the room comfortably between 70 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit, even if it might not cool it down to severely low levels like 60 to 65 degrees.

It’s crucial to remember that even in ECO mode, the AC won’t shut off on its own even if the room seems cold. You can manually turn it off whenever it feels appropriate! 

When Is an ECO Air Conditioner Useful?

Your air conditioner might be your friend when it comes to saving money if you use the ECO setting. It is the best option for cooling at night or while you are away from home because it will ultimately save you money while maintaining comfort!

Note that the ECO mode may not be able to quickly reduce the temperature or humidity if you reside in a severely hot, cold, or humid location. It is recommended in these cases to turn off the mode for the time being and turn it back on when the room temperature approaches your preferred setting.

Thus, consider the ECO mode more as a calculated method to strike the ideal equilibrium between energy conservation and your level of comfort! Dawlance AC 15 Aura is utilized based on the size of the space and the needs of each user. 

Difference Between 15 Aura and  Dawlance 30 Elegance Plus UV

Presents the Dawlance 30 Elegance Plus UV, a symbol of superiority for household appliances. You may enjoy unmatched performance and improved features with this cutting-edge Dawlance device, all of which are designed to improve your living area.

The Dawlance 30 Elegance Plus UV is engineered to fulfill the most exacting requirements regarding efficiency and quality. Its cutting-edge technology guarantees a smooth and effective cooling experience, which makes it the perfect option for anyone who values dependability and performance.

The Dawlance 30 Elegance Plus UV’s sleek and contemporary design provides a touch of elegance to your house and blends in perfectly with your interior decor. The UV term is underlined in the unit’s features, emphasizing its capacity to give you and your family a clean and healthy environment. 

Features of 15 Aura

Features of Dawlance AC 30 aura can be slightly different.

  • 1 Ton Size AC Ideal for small to medium rooms
  • Adjusts compressor speed with Inverter Technology
  • Both Cooling and Heating Functions
  • Saves electricity, lowers bills
  • Works even with low-voltage
  • 12-Year Warranty


When the room temperature goes over the specified temperature, air conditioners cool the area; when the room temperature falls below the set temperature, they heat the area. In non-inverter air conditioners, the motor speed is fixed, and the temperature is changed by turning the motor ON and OFF, resulting in increased energy consumption.

Temperature is changed in inverter air conditioners by varying motor speed instead of turning the motor on and off. Air conditioners with inverters have lower power loss and can use less energy than non-inverter models. By reversing the electromagnet’s electric current’s direction, the inverter turns the motor. Furthermore, a motor’s rotation speed is also carefully regulated by managing the switching speed.

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